Sunday, August 10, 2008

Windows Flip and Flip 3D

Using the new Windows Aero technology, available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate editions, Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D render live thumbnail images of the exact contents of your open windows, making it easier to identify the one you want. Windows Flip improves on the ALT+TAB method for flipping between windows, while Windows Flip 3D dynamically displays all open windows in a graceful three-dimensional view.

Windows Flip 3D

Windows Flip 3D uses the dimension of visual depth to give you a more comprehensive view of your open windows, helping you sidestep chaos even as you juggle myriad open files and programs.

Windows Flip 3D can even render images of live processes such as currently playing video. Use the START+TAB keys to initiate the 3-D view, then flip through open windows by using arrow keys or the scroll wheel on your mouse to quickly identify and select the one you want. Navigating your desktop has never been this fun.

Windows Flip 3D

Scan all open windows in one easy view.

Windows Flip

Windows Flip is a Windows Vista update of the feature known as ALT+TAB in previous versions of Windows. By repeatedly pressing ALT+TAB, you can scroll through a visual list of your open files and programs. Using Windows Aero technology, Windows Flip renders live thumbnails of the exact contents of those open windows instead of generic icons, making it easier to identify the one you want.

In Windows Aero, live taskbar thumbnail images display the actual contents of both windows that are currently open and those that are minimized in the taskbar. When you rest your mouse pointer on a tile on the taskbar, you'll see the "live" contents of that window without having to bring it to the foreground.

Windows Flip

View open windows as live thumbnail images.

By arranging your open windows in a way that's visually striking yet convenient, Windows Flip makes it easier to identify the window or windows you're looking for. And, since one of the displayed windows in the Flip view will always be your desktop itself, you'll have an intuitive way to minimize all open windows at once.



Anonymous said...

Jesus christ your blog sucks.

drakshug said...

You think flip 3D is good? Have you ever seen compiz fusion? It blows flip 3D out of the water.

Dan said...

I didn't enjoy reading this much. Cut down on the fancy and complex words, I found it difficult to read, not because I'm illiterate but the writing style was very fussy and most of the words unnecessary.