Wednesday, November 19, 2008

20 awesome dreams for Windows Vista

Dreams are high quality animated wallpapers that run exclusively on Windows Vista and transform the static desktop users spend all day looking at into a world of motion and activity.

Dreams are subtle, looped motion videos or animations that bring new life to the desktop without slowing down your PC. Watch a serene nature scene while you type an email. Glance at a meteor shower as you work on a document. Make your desktop interesting again!

Here I pick 20 of my favorite dreams!

1) Winter Snow

Give your desktop that winter feel with this dynamic dream. Use the supplied night image or pick your own from the configuration dialog.

Snowflakes fall from the top of the screen and collect on your taskbar.

You can control the number of flakes, their size, speed and how long they take to melt, and the background wallpaper. Even better it will use very little cpu unless you really crank up the number of flakes!

Turn your desktop into a rippling pool of water with Liquid Dream from Stardock Design.

Water drops fall on your desktop, creating realistic ripples that spread across your screen. Using the DeskScapes engine to render the water and motion in real-time, this Dream looks great without using up valuable resources.

Liquid Dream is highly customizable to suit your preferences. You have the ability to decide:

  • Time between water drops
  • Size of water drops (bigger drops mean larger ripples)
  • How reflective the water surface is
  • Choose a sky to see reflected in the water (fluffy white clouds, or a starry night sky)
  • Choose the background image that sits below the water. Pick from one of 3 provided images, or supply your own.

Turn your desktop into constantly-changing photo collage with the Desktop Collage Dynamic Dream from Stardock Design!

This is the second dynamic Dream released by Stardock Design and one of the most anticpated Dreams since the first announcement and preview of DeskScapes' dynamic content capabilities.

Desktop Collage takes photos and images you have on your computer and randomly places them on your desktop, creating a collage that is always shifting and never the same. Photos are framed in white and layered on your desktop, fading to gray over time as newer pictures are added.

All you have to do is fill a folder on your computer with your favorite photos, and using the configuration options in the Desktop Background window tell this Dream where the folder is, and you're in business!

Grass sways lazily in the breeze in these three beautifully rendered animated desktops for Stardock DeskScapes.

Blissful Dream is an updated package of animated wallpapers from Stardock Design. This is the second of our triggered dreams, where your wallpaper changes automatically based on the time of day. Included in the package are:

  • Blissful Sunrise/Sunset-
    The animated wallpaper shown off by Microsoft at various press events leading up to the release of Windows Vista, and is the first premium Dream from Stardock Design. (Plays starting at 6am and 6pm)
  • Blissful Day Dream -
    The same beautifully rendered scene in full mid-day splendor. (Plays from 8am until 6pm)
  • Blissful Night -
    Darkness falls across your desktop as night falls outside your window. A scene of summer night provides the perfect background to your PC as the day draws to a close. (Plays from 8pm until 6am)

Slow, dramatic waves over the Atlantic.
1920x1080 @ 25fps

This is a new version of Big Blue Sea at full HD resolution. I had to completely restructure and tweak all effects but I think it was worth it.

Poubel Sun v1.0
HDV 1920x1080 Widescreen

a quick farcry2 dream.i`ll find better scenery but i`m to busy doing the bad guys in.

1680 x 1050

designed by Andrew Kramer and his biscuits.

at sunset the faries come out to play

1680 x 1050

a winter scene

1680 x 1050

My first dream!
I hope you all will enjoy this!

Widescreen 1920x1080

So, this is my first rendered dreamscene.
HDV 1920x1080 Widescreen

Now the clouds is more slower and smooth.
Added more saturation to dream

Poubel Hill

HDV 1920x1080 Widescreen

By some requests to HD resolution i've updated the dream to HDV 1080 widescreen format with seamless transition.

1920x1080 mpeg encoded dream

nice close up shot


1920x1080 mpg encoded dream.

Hummingbird feeding on your desktop

just 4 fun

1920x1080 mpg encoded dream

butterfly warming its wings


Sky pulsates with the northern lights.

A large asteroid belt surrounding this blue supergiant makes it difficult maintaining the required stationary orbit for monitoring a unique solar disruption.

Blue supergiants represent a slower burning phase in the death of a massive star. Due to core nuclear reactions being slightly slower, the star contracts and since very similar energy is coming from a much smaller area (photosphere) then the star's surface becomes much hotter.

Almost break through the clouds in the dream.

I would like to dedicate this dream to my wife. Today we found out she has cancer.

2 Minutes @ 1152x720 30fps MPEG2

You will need Stardock DeskScapes to run these dreams.

DeskScapes is available now as a free trial. The free trial includes three free dreams. (The free trial will ONLY run the three dreams included.) It supports nearly all versions of Windows Vista including Home Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise.


Windows Vista Ultimate users can download DeskScapes 1.02. from here