Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why I prefer Windows more than Linux?

Linux has been there as an operating system for a long time and even though it's free, it has not been able to take a sizeable market share out of the Windows operating system. I tried to find out what are the main reasons behind this.

1) Why bother to switch from Windows to Linux?


I mean why would a Windows user would want to switch to Linux? An average PC user doesn't want a cli interface to do all his tasks. You can argue that some Linux distribution has gui too but if you are comfortable with gui, why would you switch? Security? Getting to know how the operating system works? Have more freedom? Use a good internet security suite and update your Windows operating system regularly for security. Moreover, when anyone purchases a PC, in more than 90 % of cases it is preloaded with the Windows operating system. So they get used to it and are in no mood to change. Windows has as all the features for an average PC user and also for the developers.

2) Where are the applications like Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, Adobe Premiere........


Granted there is OpenOffice, GIMP and many such applications but they don't come anywhere close to their Windows counterparts. Either they are lacking in many features or are stripped down versions of their Windows counterparts.

3) Games! Where are Crysis, Half Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto?


Linux has no games as such which are worth mentioning. PC’s are all round devices, and Linux makes the PC handicapped in this respect.

4) Market share makes Linux lose out


Since Linux has such a low market share, maybe most people in your neighbourhood and your friends wouldn't know about it at all. So internet is the main source of support. If you don't have internet, Linux can be your worst nightmare.

5) Where are the drivers?


People used to complain about the lack of drivers of Windows Vista (it has been more or less sorted out with time) but if they see the state of drivers with Linux, they wouldn't complain at all!


Anonymous said...

well, only in your stupid little head, _boi_, cause you know absolutely nothing about Linux... go do a little more reading and find out an entire world you didn't know about (but you see, that doesn't mean "it sucks" - just 'cause you are ignorant).

Anonymous said...

this post sucks.

you know very little about linux, perhaps if you took some time out to learn then you'd see your arguments are pretty lame.

the market share is up around 4%~ now (from 0.87% 2 years ago) which is approx same as mac 2 years ago.

Drivers issues tend to get ironed out pretty fast, but the reason for lack of support has always been due to manufacturers not providing them, due in part to them thinking there aren't enough people to warrant it.

This is changing rapidly, nVidia, ATI and many other's are seeing the huge potential that Linux has and are jumping on the bandwagon.

Game developers are also starting to follow suite too.

So really the lame FUD that you are attempting to spread holds little water.

Windows Fanboys aren't as lame as OSX fanboys, but they get pretty close.

Stop sucking the teet of the devil and join the enlightened.

Shashwat said...

Windows Fanboy. with no facts cleared !

1. Preloaded Windows is a blotware so ultimately most of us format the OEM version and install again !
2. Its Software Developer fault not Linux.. ALso I found GIMP and OOO much better ..
3. Gaming on WIndows require a strong PC which results in big hole in pocket.. and even if you buy it you are not sure that future games will run on it.. Therefore if you are gamer [not lamer] choose consoles..
4. Market share of Linux has tremendously increased and will go on.. OSX too has low market share but still I think OSX is much better than Windows.
5. Drivers .. Huh that author is seriously a n00b.. Linux has much better H/W drivers ... no need to install Printer drivers and all. .Well the driver field where Linux lack is developing and with Linux Kernel 2.3x.x you can expect a lot..

Countries like India. ! Huh I am an Indian and let me tell you India, China and other developing countries results in highest number of engineers .. No offence but big multinational companies focus more on developing nation students than others.. If you don't believe me check the High Officials of Multi National companies..

I am asking one thing ! Why should I spend my money on WIndows ? Softwares like Anti Viruses which are of no use /

Michael said...

whoever wrote this is an idiot and obviously never even used Linux before, moron

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely no idea about what you are writing about.

Anonymous said...

Any idea on the number of Hollywood Studios using Windows products for animation rendering. Oh wait...

Ask Pixar and Dreamworks.

Andrew said...

this is a joke right?

Vadim Peretokin said...

Because you have no need for it, you're apparently quite content with Windows.

Speak for yourself btw :)

Serialmc said...

These Points have some truth. Some could be argued (no internet - what do you use a computer for w/o internets? -- paint?) However, this isnt a winner takes all game. Just like in the cellphone arena their is no best service provider, only the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must work for Microsoft.

Because if you actually think Vista is better than GNU/Linux, you have either not tried it or Mr. Ape E. Ballmer signs your paycheck.

Vista sucks period. But don't take my word for it, checkout some of these articles:

Or checkout the results for this search term (using google):
why vista sucks site:digg.com

turezky said...

Didn't you think of an option that people in Russia, India or Cuba opt for Linux because they are simply smarter or more reasonable?
Do you really think people in developing countries like you mentioned before really think of cost??? Gosh, the can download any sw for free from widely spread sharing networks over there. It is as easy to get self-activating-volume-license-windows-xp-vista-whatever as any Linux distro.
Moreover, maybe americans, and the developed world is just stuck the windows, and are some kind of os-junkies, who can't simply let windows go???
Dude, you really have to look at it from the wider perspective :)

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about?

MadWaxer said...

1. The frequency with which the damn OS fragments, crashes, comes with bloat-software... The 'security' is so wonderful it is frequently being patched weeks after the flaws have been publicised and exploited. often the patches are created by external security professionals.

2. divy!! if the user is as simple as you claim they are they most likely won't need all that speciality software you list. besides which if they need to view flash video there are packages which will allow them to do so already.

3. get a game console or dual-boot, keeping your redmond OS virgin of essential activities in case it fails as it usually does.

4+5.there are several help files and communities who help beginners solve problems so they can learn in a practical way. unix platforms rely on other people who know enough about the problems of the OS and tend to come up with new drives for hardware quickly once they are requested. more hardware manufacturers are already beginning to work with the open source community to make sure their goods are compatible with more platforms.
when new laptops that come pre-installed with vista crash within 24hrs of being bought (mine) because the drivers it came with weren't well coded to work with the OS and it is constantly needing install security patches.. i am just glad to use Ubuntu when it fails at least then i can mess with all those free games and utilities that make my life easier.
most of the people i know who want a pc at home only really need it to:
-listen to news
-watch video
-write articles

even for businesses most publications are ultimately done on select machines to cut down on the cost of software licences.
fortunately most unix programs are free and cut those costs so the money can be invested in other products. it has been a godsend to many NGOs and schools on a tight budget. not to mention the simplicity of being able to use a lot of the new unix distro out of the box very much like XP or WindowsME.
grow up and get with reality of the situation of why people would actually want to switch!

WindowsSucks said...

Mr. Ballmer, is that you?

Anonymous said...

I will refute all your bs in my article
"why feelwindows.blogspot.com sucks".

JohnMc said...

Gosh where do I start?

1) The primary reason that most people use Windows is that until about 5 years ago they had not other choice. Fact until the DOJ winning their case against Microsoft several years ago you had no choice. I particularly like your goal post changing fiat accompli line that since most every desktop has Windows then why switch.

Oh and by the way every major Linux distrobution is installed with a GUI unless the user wants it otherwise.

2) I think you need to go back and look at Open Office again. The Windows and Linux variants are the same code base. Yes the PhotoShop tools are not there. But you are asking the wrong people, ask Adobe why don't provide them. Linux could say the reverse as well. Where's the Cinerella or Blender?

3) Load Wine and have at it.

4) Well could be. But if you are in a major metropolitan area of the US good chance there is a Linux User Group that can help you out. If you are running Red Hat, Ubuntu or Suse you can get paid phone support just like Microsoft. If you bought a preloaded Linux system from Dell, HP or Lenovo you can also get support from the OEM as well.

As to market share you are being disinengious. Microsoft has had 20+ years to embed themselves into the IT infrastructure. Linux has only had 11 years. In that time it is giving Microsoft a run for the money in the data center. Linux is now assaulting the desktop. It took Microsoft a long time to get where they were. The same will be true of Linux.

In a divergent observation you ought to be asking why after 2 years the Vista penetration is only at 14%? Or why Dell, HP and Lenovo were until recently offering a XP downgrade to their customers?

5) Drivers are an issue. But again that is like blaming the cart for how slow the horse runs. The driver MFRs dictate whether they will release either their code or a driver for the OS. Linux does not dictate the IP rights of folks like VIA, AMD, Nvidia.

Ironically that problem is being solved another way. Teams are starting to develop Linux centric hardware for sound, video etc that will have open stds.

PS) The country with the highest Linux penetration is the UK. Contrary to your observations. Be glad to send you the link if you want it. That countries like India and Russia use Linux is not a knock. What you ought to be asking is why Windows Vista in India is 1/10th the price of the same system in the US.

Linux is not for everybody. But neither is Windows the uber solution for everything either. But it is surprising how friendly Linux can be if done right. My father runs Linux now and he is no uber Geek. But he is now freed from worrying about his OS giving him the BSofD. He does everything he needs from the GUI.

Your FUD is unwarranted.

Anonymous said...

I will comment on all you bs in my upcoming article
"why feelwindows.blogspot.com sucks".
Coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Most people don't use Linux because, unlike windoze, it's not made for most people. It's as simple as that.

nomasteryoda said...

Linux is made by people, for people and can be had for free. What windows install have you ever done that included almost all the software you would ever need? No, this does not include any OEM box... period.

What about all the new Linux systems from ASUS eeePC, Dell, HP, Acer, etc?? Are those being sold to only the geek Linux nerds? No. The fact is your everyday Joe or Jane is buying such boxes and enjoying the best Internet and computing experience ever.

I have many friends who run Linux at home now... Why? Security. People want to have that little bit of safety they should have with windows...

Speed? Well Linux wins because it does not need to run Antivirus software, freeing up resources and processor throughput for doing things like burning multiple DVDs, typing documents in OpenOffice Writer, listening to music, watching a movie, playing a game.... Oh, wait with the multiple login features other users can use the same box without hosing the logged in user....

In fact I run Linux on every system I use at home and my work relies on Linux. In fact your security and Windows security rely on Linux.

Please get a clue and lose the Windows fanboyish gushing bullcrap you have posted here. Well, enough flames...

You use what works for you, as all people should, but my sick man people do want something better...

I have to run...
... My new Sidux Linux desktop tower awaits my command!

meh said...

Jesus Christ, how can you be that stupid? You just proved once again the ignorance of a Microsoft employee.

Hayakreevan Guru said...

@ meh

I have nothing to say about the article, but for God's sake, he is not a Microsoft employee, he is a Microsoft MVP award winner.

Anonymous said...

GUI: Vista GUI compared to Linux sucks. Period. See this video on Youtube:

Stability:NASA Mars Phoenix Lander runs Linux.

Gaming: Improving constantly. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080826-open-source-gaming-goes-commercial-with-wiz-handheld.html

Drivers: 99% of devices don't need extra drivers to work. On Windows you need to search them on the Internet and install them. So without internet, windows have problems, too.

Speed: Running vista on a pentium 4 is pure insanity!!However what you show on the youtube video i mentioned above can be seen on a pentium 4.

Security: Windows has 100.000 viruses, spyware,etc hwere Linux has less than 500.

Ease of use: In Linux i can update the whole system, including the 50 applications i have installed with 4-5 clicks. In windows you have to update every application manually.

Installation: Linux DOES NOT NEED INSTALLATION! It can run from the cd or a usb stick!

Linux doubled its market share this year and keeps rising it. Dell came to an agrrement with hardware vendors to release drivers for Linux fast. Every ultra-portable comes with Linux pre-installed as well as windows. So leave windows and use the full house!! It's free after all!

Hayakreevan Guru said...

@ anonymous (the recent one)

The problem with the Internet is that everyone gets to be anonymous. I agree with anonymous, but I disagree with anonymous. Uh - anonymous makes a good point there! Hey anonymous, you're right.

Linux does not need installation? WTF are you talking about? You cannot use what you can run from a USB stick as a full-fledged operating system all the time.

Anonymous said...

Great. Another one stupid post from another standard primitive win32 user. Yes, market share is main reason to write posts like this - there are about 75% of stupid posts like this.

Swamy said...

Hi Little school boy,
My best advice to you is not to write these kind of aritcles anymore. Your zero in Linux and zero in Windows. More over your zero in technology itself. Better write other content and not the technology related topics please. You have to start learning from What is Linux and What is Windows?
Don't take it us discourge, its just good advice for you.
And I found your Microsoft MVP, its really surprising to see. Your totally zero in technology, then how the microsoft people awarded you this award. Its really crazy

drakshug said...

So it's true, you get an MVP for blogging FUD these days.
I challenge the author to try out a linux distro such as Mandriva 2008 and then come back and honestly give his findings.
Come on, an open mind helps.
Dare ya!

Anonymous said...

author of the article is too stupid, I say this to join the others who posted here, giving points for Linux.

yoga said...

The only thing that makes an OS sucks is their fanboys. Period.

Vincent said...

Clever post. Controversy sells.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Dump head!!! I used Debian (I download all of the cds ) and i didnt need the Internet at all to install the software that I wanted!

How about you ? Did you use windows without internet ? I mean did you ever have drivers without download the from the internet ? Just imagine how horrible would be if you used windows without Internet!

Now you are just dump head!! Maybe even newspapers will talk about you.

I dont fucking care If the adobe doesnt work! If adobe want to work perfectly ,in a linux OS, like any other open source project they need to be open source too!

OPEN SOURCE RULES and you just afraid of it dump shit MS ]:D

Raden Mu'az said...

Every OS has its strengths and weakness.
Your Mileage May (or Is) Vary.

Linux is great because it has so many modern operating system features yet it is open-source.

Using Linux is so darn slower than Windows.

Heck, I have done some mini-benchmark on my AMD Athlon 1.4GHz laptop -
Firefox jerks and stutters when opening multiple tabs in Xubuntu but in Windows its fine,

Also, there are some overlapping issues when moving Openbox window while Windows

Anonymous said...

OK this is really stupid, let´s take a look what this guy wrote:
"P.S. I saw an article called Linux popularity across the globe (http://royal.pingdom.com/?p=340). I saw that most interest for Linux comes from countries like India, Cuba and Russia. We know for a fact that these countries are not as developed as US, UK or Japan. Is the interest just because it's free? LOL! ;P "
Well my friend I´m from EUROPEAN UNION and I think that I speek for the most Europeans when I say USA is becomming underdevelopt with an opinion like your´s moron.
Yeah go on buy Windows and help Bill and Balmer get richer, because they can really help with their donations to education of the third world!! ...
So tipcally american you are looking at the world in just one direction, like a racing horse.
For your sake GNU/Linux is somthing bigger than just an OS it´s a movement of those who want to participate to improve and to help others who are in no position of purchasing a windows OS & 1000 other programs to keep the thing running......and in the end it´s still proprietary code, so you are free to develop whit their solutions. Ha :-) that is a beautifull world don´t you think A?
Whit regards D.M.

Raden Mu'az said...

OK people,
Your Mileage May Vary.

This is my opinion. My taste, my liking, whatever
So does your opinion is.

Every OS has its own strengths and weakness.

Windows has almost all the mainstream applications, games, etc,

Mac OS X is a very, very stable UNIX (or specifically BSD) based OS which has high level of security, good user interface, and has almost all the applications Windows has.

GNU/Linux is a FREE Operating System which has open-souce kernels, desktop, apps,
It have many free equivalent (but not exactly powerful) applications, like OpenOffice.org (like MS Office), GIMP (Photoshop), Blender (3dsmax or Maya, Amarok (iTunes), Miro (iTunes), etc

Sorin said...

bad publicity is still publicity ... so thanks for the effort dude ...

Sorin said...

bad publicity is still publicity ... so thanks for the effort dude ... keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you stupid mvp.. :)
Technology is not only for rich people who can buy super computer to run windows visfuck!!
open your mind,because "mvp" degree you can talk like this?? stupid asshole!

bluEyez said...

linux suks because you are a retard, and you want to stick with your lame MS, thats all.

linux is fukin easy if u read a 10 minutes manual.

Zoli said...

OMG dude! I suggest you read this:


Anon E Moose said...

Ah, I see the author has cleverly managed to bring forth the freetard fundies, who spew even more FUD than they accuse the author of doing.

Linux trolls would be more amusing if they didn't all preach the same dogma.
And they certainly aren't doing their movement any favors by posting such vitriolic rubbish.

Over and out.

JohnMc said...

It certainly shows why having a MCSE or MVP is equal to the paper its printed on.

tom drazul said...

your such a windows a fud'er ........but you suceed in getting a rise from every Linux person out there :).... have a nice day

Anonymous said...

No idea about what is what, and writing this type of crap !!!!

How long have you been a Linux user ??

Did you ever care to try linux or all day long you keep on playing games in your Computer also ever tried any photo editing / animation software available for Linux or rather all day long you keep on thinking Windows good Linux bad ?

Dude open your eyes, and look beyond !!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, this guy is nuts...

Look at the posts, "Why Linux Sucks ?" and next day he is making another post where he wants Windows 7 to be like Linux !!!

So either he wants Windows to suck, just as he feels linux are doing or he actually likes Linux soo much that he wants Windows 7 to be like it...

@Author or this post...

Dude, read - learn then try to write something... I wonder may be you are the reason why MS runs this stupid MVP program so that guys like you can keep witting this type of crap...

cristian said...

-"Why I prefer Windows more than Linux?"
-Because you're stupid!

Anonymous said...

"cli interface" = Command Line Interface interface???

Linux doesn't suck, you suck!
Learn what everything means and does before you start comparing OS's NOOB

Anonymous said...

I like both os and they both have their goods and bads, but this blog was just a plain out rant/insult.

Linux is powerful, if you can't spend the time to learn it its not the software's fault but rather the users.

Yonah said...

Nice article. Screw those Linux idiots. Most of them only know what they've been told. Not a whole lot different from radical Christian fundamentalists, but somehow more annoying.

There is a whole subculture to explore here, but it's not worth the time. Don't forget that Unix was the dominant OS used on university computers, long before the home computer hit it big. Dinosaurs will always hold onto the past, no matter how absurd.

Just don't pay them too much mind. I promise you that 80% of these brain dead idiots will rotting in a pine box before they wise up. Most of them only serve to justify their own beliefs, an existence you almost have to pity.

Anonymous said...

1) "Use a good internet security suite and update your Windows operating system regularly for security."

Modern operating systems will update all the software automatically.

2) "Where are the applications like Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, Adobe Premiere........"

In shops? You can run Photoshop on Linux-based operating systems. Flash is useless and Adobe Premiere probably don't work. However, high-end video editing tools are made for Linux.

Why I can't run killerapps like Kaffeine, Rhythmbox, Amarok etc. in Windows Vista?

"3) Games! Where are Crysis, Half Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto?"

Windows Vista can't run PS2'a games so it sucks?

"4) Since Linux has such a low market share, maybe most people in your neighbourhood and your friends wouldn't know about it at all."

In my neighbourhood more than 1/10 of desktop home computers are Linux-based. More than 99/100 of home servers are Linux based.

"5) Where are the drivers?"

Driver? What is driver? Is it something to eat? I just plug-in my hardware and everything works. Linux has better hardware support than Windows Vista.

J said...

If Linux is so awesome, why are all the posts from Linux users pitted with spelling and grammatical errors?

(Seriously, all the threads I stumble upon regarding this topic are utterly dreadful from a linguistic point of view.)

Doesn't Linux have spell check?

(FYI: I’ve used Linux as a primary operating system for years now, and yes I'm aware of its spell check implementation.)

Remember this is no more inflammatory then calling someone a moron, or stupid, or a "doodie head" just because their opinion differs from yours.

Proofreading: while it won’t give your argument anymore substance it will at least make it easier to read…

As a side note, the argument of “you just don’t know how to use it well enough” is kind of a mute point since the same argument could equally be made in the inverse.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Soumya Sengupta. He is right. All the others blaming him are nerds and geeks with metal-rimmed glasses, fat hair, overweight and pale skin who never got a girl. That's why they are so frustrated spending all their time with getting things working which are naturally working for the Windows user. So the Windows user at the bar spending time on the real things in life, the Linux user again in the basement jerking in front of his screen.

Anonymous said...

wasn't a fan of linux so much. it was actually slow on my mac for some reason. someday i want to try it again and have it on a separate hd but i think it would be better than windows which sucks. macs are fucking way better than windows. you can now get most games you need. all the essential software. sure most people develop on pc but you can get what you need for a mac and often better versions or the same software for windows. i have some software on my mac you can't get for windows and i couldn't do without it. and finally a computer that works the way i want. so much faster especially to boot than any windows pc i've ever worked on. used windows for years and was so fed up. now they are just trying to keep up with the enhancements linux and mac have by copying them and offer nothing new or innovative in their products. Microsoft sucks so hard i can't even describe it.

Anonymous said...

about the drivers. my mac is so fucking awesome. never need drivers at all it just detects everything and knows how to use it. it's a fucking genius machine that just knows what users want. i always thought computers were meant to be temperamental fiddly things until i got a mac. it really does just work.

Anonymous said...

go update now, service packs e.t.c , antivirus , firewalls, and many more because a pc without that and windblows in 1-2 months needs format.....
Norton internet security-antivirus...?
what is that....? hahahahahaha...
linux rules !

the only thing that you can say about linux, is that good games are countered.
ok for games i have ps2..

Anonymous said...

60% of Servers
~2% of Desktops
90% of Super-
95% of Video
Industry computers


dotNet Zombie said...

Wow, what a bunch of Lintard fanboys trolling around. This post is why he likes Windows better than Linux. He has the freedom of choosing which OS he likes better. Are you Lintards against freedom?

Anonymous said...

Well as someone who has used Linux, and uses Windows, I say that Windows wins hands down.

Now I like going into a brick and morter games store to seee what they have on the shelves, and I will g'tee you that if I blindly grabbed any game from the PC section it'll say 'For Windows'. Now call me a liar if you wish, but thats the plain truth. If I go into a games store, and blindly grab for a game, it will be either a console game or a game for Windows. It won't be for Linux, it really won't.

Even the IOS has surpassed Linux marketshare! Even Windows 7 has beaten Linux marketshare. Why? Is it because its actually a pretty good OS? Yep. And Linux doesn't have any other identity than 'that little hobby OS' Oh and if you're lucky it'll be trotted out sometimes as that OS that is used on servers and stuff, because thats all its good for.