Monday, September 15, 2008

Windows 7, the real WOW?

Imagine painting in Photoshop with your hands, rotating and zooming Google Earth by your hand, or playing a piano using your fingers. Well, it will all be possible in the upcoming Windows 7 and I can only say, WOW and this time for real! I was stunned when I saw this D6 Conference Windows 7 Multi Touch Keynote Demo.

We can have Windows DreamScenes (Animated Wallpaper) which will change and behave in a different manner when you touch them. You can literally interact with your computer in a way which wasn't possible before. The possibilities are endless! Having a Windows Media Player 12 behave like iPOD touch or playing multiple videos on your screen, changing and resizing them using your hands just like Tom Cruise did it in Minority Report!

I also want to know what are your ideas which can bring more to this multitouch technology and what are the ways it can be used in other applications? Innovate and dream!


bloggersmosaic said...

love it , can't wait to have it on my computer,,, vista is n't that wow to be honest

RAJ said...
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RAJ said...

Soumya bhai!!! Its really Great!!! and WOW??? Yes it is really the one which the people of the Globe had been dreamt of... I wish all the luck to Microsoft to make the dreams come TRUE!!! Its the Future!!!