Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Only 5 Sites You'll Ever Need to Know for Downloads!

What would a computer be without downloads? The problem is finding the tough ones. You can't trust the search engines, as they can send you to a site that adds malware or spyware to their downloads. You can't always trust torrents for the same reason. When in doubt or in need of something obscure, these are the "goto" download sites.

If you can't find it at one of these sites, it probably doesn't exist.


The big momma of all the download websites. This is the best looking and the most feature rich among the five. It is divided into four main categories which are Windows, Mac, Mobile and Webware. The sections are further divided into mp3 and audio software, video software, browsers etc. You can also check out the most popular and the editor's pick among the applications. The site also features a nice and big review section. All in all a must visit!


The first time you take a look at this website, you will be overwhelmed, even somewhat intimidated by the sheer number of sections! Windows, Games, Drivers, Mac, Linux, Scripts, Mobile, Handheld....whew! It even features a cool gadgets section. But the one thing I always loved about Softpedia, is it's news section. It is really comprehensive and is divided into Science, Technology, Microsoft, Security, Apple, Linux, and what not!


This website is mostly garnered towards a Windows user but it also has a nice Mac section. It features both shareware and freeware downloads. The Windows and Mac section are further divided into files which comprises of Admin Tools, All In One Tools, Appearance, Backup, Benchmarking, Data Recovery, Networking, Messaging, etc. I must say that this site has quite a substantial amount of applications.


The reason I love FileHippo is mainly due to it's design and interface. It is the most clean and fastest website of the lot and has a nice, elegant, and hassle free look. On the top of the page, you can see the latest updates and most popular downloads. The main categories are Audio and Video, Browsers and Plugins, Developer Tools, File Sharing, CD and DVD tools, etc. You can also download some of the previous versions of a particular application from it's download page. Filehippo has also come up with a free update checker which checks for the latest versions of the applications installed in your system and informs you if a update is available. NICE!


Having trouble finding a driver for a particular device? Then, you have come to right place, my friend! This website features one of the biggest drivers database in the Internet and is divided into BIOS/Motherboard, Scanner, Printer/Plotter/ Multi-Office, Game Controller, Modem/ISDN, Sound Card, and many more categories. When you click on a particular category, you will see names of different brands which make that particular product. Click on the brand, you will see the most popular downloads from that brand. You can search for the driver of your particular device by typing in the search box. It is godsend for all your drivers problems and needs.

So what are your favorite download websites?


AnandK said... is a wonderful site, yes ! :)

Vikas SN said...

Nice set of Websites :)