Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 websites a Windows Vista user must visit!

As a Windows Vista user, I frequently visit these 5 websites. The websites range from getting gadgets for your sidebar to dynamic wallpapers for your desktop.


Windows Vista has introduced a new feature called the Windows Sidebar. Windows Sidebar contains gadgets which can perform various tasks like showing the CPU usage, weather forecasts, RSS feeds of news, picture slideshows, etc. This website showcases the various gadgets and they are categorized into fun and games, tools and utilities, multimedia etc. You can also sort the gadgets by downloads or rating. All in all a must visit website for all the Windows Vista users out there!

Windows Vista Sidebar


UltimatePC is for all the Windows Vista Ultimate edition holder. It has got information about the Ultimate Extras that are released, so if you want to learn about the new sound schemes, Windows DreamScene, Language packs, or Bitlocker, you have found yourself in the right place. This website also has tips to get the ultimate experience from your computer. From setting up the ultimate Home Theater to Hollywood quality HD movie editing, it makes sure that your experience is truly ULTIMATE.



If you want support while working with Windows Vista, then this is the place to be. Are you getting error messages like ''Windows could not search for new updates'', ''An internal error occured while installing the service pack'', etc, this website has all the solutions you need. It is categorized into error messages, configuring, security and privacy, and many more. You can get troubleshooting tips, guided help and articles about the features in Windows Vista. You can even search for the solution of the particular problem you are facing by using the search panel.

Windows Vista Solution Center


Do you want the latest news about Windows Vista? Do you want to know how to customize IE8 Beta 2 to fit your needs? Windows Vista Blog has all the information about the latest developments that are taking place in Windows Vista. It's as fresh as they come. It will keep you up to date with the latest information available in regards to Vista.

Windows Vista Team Blog


Windows Vista has an amazing feature called Windows DreamScene which lets you keep videos or animations as your desktop wallpapers. Sadly, it is only available to the users of the Ultimate edition of Windows Vista. But Stardock has come up with DeskScapes 2.0 which allows you to have dynamic wallpapers called dreams in the non-Ultimate editions of Windows Vista. It works in the Ultimate version too and thereby increases dynamic wallpaper gallery!

Dream Gallery

Are you a Windows Vista user? Let me know the 5 websites which you visit the most regarding Windows Vista.


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